Thermal Spa Tours in Turkey

This is a health treatment program for anyone. Take the advantage of the health coming from underground ! Get the essential minerals by your skin, recharge the battery of your life. Soothe your tired bones with 10000 bubbles from the magic recipe of the spring water and explore the cradle of civilization at the same time. Get the treatment of each different chemical characteristic spas all around Turkey. Say goodbye to your pains...


Welcome to Istanbul. The capital of all empires, DACA TOUR staff will be waiting for your transfer to your hotel situated in the heart of Istanbul. It will be pleasure to remind you that you値l gain your health from the secret power of underground. A brief information, some dos and don稚s  will be given at the lobby. Please take your time and rest. The perfunctory exploration around hotel is at your leisure. [D]


Today is dedicated to find out the landmarks of Istanbul. We値l start with the magnificent Blue Mosque famous for blue and white Iznik tiles built between 1609-1616. We値l proceed for the ancient Hippodrome, the scene of chariot races and the center of Byzantine civic life, stood in the open space. Hagia Sophia, one of the finest buildings of all time built by Justinianus the Great exploring the majestic serenity and the fine Byzantine mosaics of the building. Lunch at Konyali one of the well-known restaurants in Istanbul. Time to visit Topkapi Palace having the galleries exhibiting the imperial collections of gorgeous crystal, silver and Chinese porcelain in Ottoman era. Visit Harem, the secluded quarters of the wives, concubines and children of the sultan, charms visitors, an exhibition of imperial costumes worn by the sultans and their families, the famous jewels of the treasury and a priceless collection of miniatures from medieval manuscripts. Finally we値l depart for gorgeous Grand Bazaar having over 4000 shops inside. Ready to get lost? Go on then. Late at night we値l join informative light & sound show in the front of Blue Mosque. For those willing to have the real experience of the Traditional Turkish Bath, we値l have a special arrangements at Cagaloglu Hamami. [B] [L] [D]


This morning after breakfast we値l pass thru the Bosphorus Bridge linking two continents. You値l be in the Eurosia. Later we値l arrive at Darica for car-ferry. Later we値l arrive in Green Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire having many important Ottoman buildings remain. Bursa was, and is still, famous for its silk trade, towel manufacture and thermal springs. Check-in at the hotel desk, and after lunch (famous regional dish doner kebab consist of dish of bread, tomato sauce, strips of grilled meat, melted butter and yogurt) at Kebapci Iskender who is professional about his cooking style since 1867. Then we値l have city tour. Yesil Turbe the Green Tomb, Emir Sultan Hazretleri, proceed to the covered bazaar area, with its narrow streets caravanserais, bedesten and silk products then we値l visit Ulu Mosque where 3 religious perfectly blended onto building. Later we値l be served traditional charcoal semaver tea at Yildiz Park. At night after dinner, you値l relax at Traditional Turkish Bath in a very healthy way since the chemical composition of the water is something so special for your body. Here is a small tip. Get one of the masseurs in the bath for a deep massage. [B] [L] [D]


Today you値l feel yourself more healthy. We値l take you to the Teferruc for Ulu Mountain. You値l admire the scenery from the cable car. Uludag is the largest winter-sports center in Turkey and offers a variety of activities, accommodation and entertainment 36 kilometers from Bursa. Uludag is also a national park is well worth a visit at any time of the year for the lovely views and wonderful fresh air. At lunch we値l have a barbecue in Sarialan. The fresh food and air will make your day trip pleasant one. Late in the afternoon we値l turn back to the hotel for your thermal treatment and dinner. The rest of the night is at your leisure.  [B] [L] [D]


In the morning we値l depart for Izmir one of the important thermal sites in Turkey. En route we値l give a lunch break and pop-in Akhisar (Thyatira) one of the Seven Churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Thru Manisa that having splendid examples of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture, we値l arrive Izmir. Check-in at hotel and relax till dusk in your special thermal pool as ancient people did. At night we値l take you to very special fish restaurant. Late at night enjoy your entertainment program at hotel.  [B] [L] [D]


Today we値l explore the pearl of Aegean Region. Starting to visit Velvet Castle & Agora, watch the spectacular view from here for Izmir Bay. Time to visit Bayrakli where the original city was established in the 3rd millennium B.C. and one of the Seven Churches mentioned as Smyrna in the book of Revelation. Proceed for ancient Konak Mosque, Izmir clock tower which is the symbol of Izmir, walking towards to Ethnography Museum in Varyant, visiting the museum and Kemeralti Grand Bazaar, Kizlararagasi Hani where the traditional 典iredness Coffee will be served, and Hisaronu. Get ready your life痴 night out! At night we値l invite you to a dinner in a very traditional way at Authentic Middle Asia Restaurant in Kemalpasa & Turkish night, explore the real culture of the Turks.   [B] [L] [D]


In the morning we値l depart for Ephesus where St. Paul Preached, Heracletes Gate, Curates Street, Scholastic Baths, Celcus Library, Marble Road, Great Theater, Arcadian way, (Harbor Street), The Basilica of St. John, Virgin Mary's House which was visited by Paul, Pope the 6th and Pope Jean Paul. After Ephesus, we値l depart for Selcuk and typical Turkish Village Sirince. Taste the vine & gozleme cooked in wooden stove. We値l drive to Kusadasi, or Bird Island is a lovely port built along the shores of a glittering bay with amazing shopping, jewelry, leather and souvenir facilities, visiting the castle at Guvercin ada, having a traditional Turkish coffee under the authentic Turkish marquee, shopping from grand bazaar. Late at night we値l turn back to the hotel. Just rest at your thermal pool since your body needs this. [B] [L] [D]


Today we値l depart one of the best thermal resorts in Turkey named Afyon. After lunch we値l arrive Orucoglu Thermal Resort boasts the health sections such as Mud-therapy, slimming center, beauty center, aroma-therapy, solarium, physical treatment and rehabilitation center. The 49C degree spring water is ideally suitable for rheumatism, lumbago, hernia, nephritis, all treatment related to bones, the rehabilitation of the children once had the cerebral palsy and polio, skin diseases, stomach, intestine, gall bladder, kidneys, urethra, some women diseases, some physical inability, maintaining the ferric-level of the body, the strength of the body, seizure, regulating the sexual impedance, sterility treatment of the males, the diseases related to stress, neurotic, insomnia, physical and psychic tiredness, obliviousness, the hair treatment, the regeneration of the battered cells on the skin, the inhibition of the weariness of the cells and the prevention of the cell aging. The composition of the thermal water is reported by Istanbul Medical Ecology and Hydro-climatology Exploration and Application Center in 27th of October 1991, numbered 157/9. The rest of the day is yours since your body will be built up again with the magical composition of this thermal spa in this health complex. (Ladies! Don稚 miss this chance) [B] [L] [D]


Today痴 half day excursion will be in the center of Afyon since an inaccessible and imposing citadel dating to Byzantine times awaits our exploration. Did you know that the Seljuk Emperor Alaaddin Keykubat hide the treasure in this citadel Later we値l proceed for The Archaeological and Ethnographical Museum. The War of Independence Memorial reveal Afyon's place in history Monumental bas-reliefs, a legacy of the Phrygian Kingdom, are carved into rock faces on hills north of the city. Afyon is famous for its delicious Turkish Delight and many Turkish desserts, especially the sugary and non-sugary cream of Afyon is widely known in Turkey. Why not to taste these in the manufacturers shop. At night enjoy your thermal spa at Orucoglu Complex. [B] [L] [D]


Welcome to the capital of Turkey (Ankara). As Turkey is the center of the health in underground, Kizilcahamam offers another special chemical structure for the body. First We値l visit Anitkabir, the mausoleum of Kemal Ataturk. Completed in 1953, this fusion of ancient and modern architectural concepts testifies to the power and grace of Turkish architecture. After Anitkabir we値l have our lunch at Haci Arif Bey specialized in Eastern Cuisine. Arrive at Ab-i Hayat Thermal Resort one of the best thermal therapy centers in Turkey. The baths are still being used since Roman times. The features are almost the same offered in Afyon. Rest of the day is for your relaxation in this sanatorium. [B] [L] [D]


Today is dedicated for your personal leisure. Just relax and take the advantage of this spa situated at 975 m above sea level. The water (37'-47'C) contain sodium, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and chlorine. Not only good for drinking and bathing but also it痴 good for the cures of rheumatism, neuralgia, gynecologic and digestive disorders. Get the health coming from underground. The hotel is well equipped for your entertainment and fitness. Those who壇 like to join our Soguksu National Park tour are all welcomed. Get the fresh air in the middle of rich flora. We値l make a picnic here. [B] [L] [D]


Although there is no thermal spa resources around Cappadocia we wanted to add some spice by visiting this moonscape environs since we believe it痴 a must to see. Today we invite you to explore Museum of Anatolian Civilizations with its priceless collection of Paleolithic, Neolithic, Hatti, Hittite, Phrygian, Urartian and Roman artifacts, For lunch we値l pass to Byzantine Ankara Castle for traditional Zenger Pasha Restaurant. Then we値l proceed for Roman Baths with its Roman structure remain. Temple of Augustus and Rome await your exploration. Time to proceed to moonscape Cappadocia where the works of man blend unobtrusively into the natural moonscape surroundings. In the afternoon visit Agzikarahan and the skirt of the natural citadel of Uchisar, an informative quick local tour for this region and a small lecture about forming the natural fairy chimneys will be given here, then arrive at hotel and check-in. Dinner will be served at hotel.  [B] [L] [D]


Today we値l visit Goreme Open Air Museum, Avanos where the most popular handicraft is made, have the chance to try your hand at making a pot in one of the many studios as well as weaving and knotting. Lunch in one of the restaurants. Time to explore Derinkuyu Underground City. Ready to get lost in 8 layer of this hidden city? You値l see miles of tunnels and grape-treading areas in this lighted city. See the deceitful pathways and hidden corners to fail the enemy of this city that were used by the early Christians in order to defend themselves from the persecution. After Derinkuyu we値l proceed for Konya. Overnight at Konya. [B] [L] [D]


In the morning we値l visit Mausoleum of Mevlana founder of Whirling Dervishes. Today痴 route is Pamukkale, magical and spectacular natural site, unique in the world, that declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. Arriving Pamukkale (Hierapolis) is a fairyland of dazzling white, petrified castles. Thermal spring waters laden with calcareous salts running off the plateau's edge have created this fantastic formation of stalactites, cataracts and basins. The hot springs have been used since Roman times for their therapeutic powers. Arrive at hotel. Rest of the night is for your entertainment.  [B] [L] [D]


Today we値l visit Hierapolis with its best-preserved baths. The Basilica (dated back 6th Century AD), The temple of Apollo, the well preserved theater that can cater 14.000 spectator at a time. The church was devoted to St. Philip and the Domitian Arch, the Necropolis, Because of the healthy water of Pamukkale this city once was called as a Sacred city. Time to have lunch and rest a bit. Yrk restaurant is the best place for your entertainment and animation with delicious Turkish food. After lunch, we値l enter Aphrodisias, one of the important religious sites dated back to 2800 BC. The temple of Aphrodisias, the city walls, The ruins of Sebasteion; the theater established in late Hellenistic period; the sculptures (mostly displayed in the museum), the ruins of the baths (not for swimming for today, sorry!), the gymnasium, the Byzantium Stavropolis are the major sights. Along the Acropolis we値l examine the baths with carved gates devoted both Aphrodite and Hadrian; the big pool which was excavated by the archaeologists in the recent years, the most beautiful marble construction the Odeon. The Temple of Aphrodite, the Bishop痴 church, the two columned Tetraphylon and well-preserved stadium for 30000 spectator. Later we値l turn back to hotel. We know you池e anxious about swimming in the thermal baths of Pamukkale.  [B] [L] [D]


Today we値l provide all your transfers. In the morning we値l depart for Izmir Adnan Menderes airport for Istanbul. Time to have your present in order to make this trip memorial. It値l be pleasure to host you in Turkey again as there are so many things to see. Thanks for choosing the right agency. [B] (An overnight stay may be arranged in Izmir or Istanbul)

By ALIN & DACA TOUR, what you see is what you get Enjoy your stay !