If you're a free-spirited traveler who wants the security of a vehicle and accommodations in advance, but the freedom to weave as colorful a journey together as the kilims you'll see in shops along the way, Alin & Daca Tours' Fly and Drive options are the perfect program for you.

Driving in Turkey is similar to Europe, most specifically Italy. There are mostly 2 way roads and the steering wheel is on the left. You don't want to drive in Istanbul, just as you wouldn't want to drive in Rome or New York City. However the beauty of being behind the wheel of the car yourself is you set the pace and the places you want to stop along the way. During your wanderings, you're sure to meet friendly people and discover that small café or little shop or secluded cove not mentioned in any guide books. Who knows, maybe you'll discover a lost city, after all archeologists just discovered another Byzantine palace in the heart of Istanbul in June 1998. Most importantly, be open to a journey that's as rewarding as the destination.