Kusadasi -
Option 3


Day 1: Izmir
By arrival on the airport of Izmir you get the rental car on and rides you then to the center of Izmir.  Here is your first hotel booking made. 

Day 2: Izmir - Bergama
In the Mornings you have the occasion the city Izmir to visit.  It is certainly the trouble landlord a visit at the velvet stronghold (Kadifekale) to bring.  This stronghold lies above on a hill.  From here, you have a brilliant view over the whole city.  You overflow Izmir and rides via Aliaga to Bergama.  Here you can the antique city Pergamon am to look at. You stay the night in Bergama. 

Day 3: Bergama - Canakkale
Today you ride via a beautiful mountain route to
Canakkale.  Everywhere round you away you see olive bomb.  On the way you pass the antique city Assos (Behramkale).  The arrival in Assos over a beautiful Osmaanse bridge, is very impressive.  It is certainly the trouble landlord these city to visit just as the known horse of Troy.  The overnachtiging takes place in çanakkale. 

Day 4: Canakkale - Istanbul
With the ferry you sail over the Dardanelle
s to the European part of Turkey.  Today you ride a large part of the route along the sea of Marmara, the important connection between the Bosporus and the Aegean sea.  You will in Istanbul stay the night. 

Day 5: Istanbul
ou have today all time the fairy-like city Istanbul to visit.  The Hagia Sofia, the Topkapi palace and the Blue Mosque testify of the rich history that this impressive city has.  Also this night you bring through in Istanbul. 

Day 6: Istanbul - Bursa
Via the sea of Marmara rides you to the point which the ferry you prevent to the Asian part of Turkey brings.  You continue your route to Bursa.  Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoma
n realm and becomes also well the 'green' Bursa named.  The city lies protect in the green trees of the 2554 mtr. high mountain of Uludag.  Bursa stands further known round be beautiful mosques, the old hamams (bath) and the side bazaar.  You stay the night in Bursa. 

Day 7: Bursa - Kusadasi
Via a beautiful route you come at the end of the noon in Kusadasi on.  On the way can you yet a visit bring at the city Manisa with her Muradiye mosque.  There are for you an overnachting in Kusadasi regulated. 

Day 8
ou furnishes the rental car in and remain yet a week in one of our accommodations in Kusadasi or you rides to the airport of Izmir which you the car hand in and flies back to house. 

On the airport of Izmir, you receive your car papers, a card of Turkey and the chosen route description.