Antalya - Option 1
Alanya south coast AND CAPPADOCIA

Day 1: Antalya
You comes at on the airport of Antalya.  You take your car in reception and rides to your hotel in Antalya

Day 2: Antalya Konya
A beautiful route you lead along the Egridir more and the Beysehir more.  In Konya arrived the former capital of the Sel
juks, can you a visit bring at the known Mevlana museum.  Also is a visit at the former koran school, the Karatay Medresse and the archaeological museum certainly the trouble worth.  You stay the night in Konya. 

Day 3: Konya - Cappadocia
Today you make a journey over the tray of Konya.  In the neighborhood from the city Aksaray can you a visit bring at the different
caravanserails below which Sultanhani.  At the end of the noon comes you in Cappadocia on the unique nature wonder of tuff toe formations on the Anatolian plateau.  In these almost surreal landscape, from whose culture and nature with each other connected are, look you your eye.  Your hotel booking is in Cappadocia made. 

Day 4: Cappadocia
Today you have the whole day the time these impressive territory to explore.  In this surroundings, you can beautiful rock churches, monasteries, underground cities and colossal
caravanserail visit.  What you certainly not may masses is the valley of Self with her 'fairy chimneys' and former monks residence.  Also this evening you stay the night in Cappadocia. 

Day 5: Cappadocia - Kizkalesi
Via a brilliant route through the
Taurus mountains you ride direction Kizkalesi.  The panorama on the way is very alternately.  Bald rock parties, afforested mountains and want to fit change each other off.  You pass the place Tarsus, the birthplace of Paul.  You stay the night in Kizkalesi. 

Day 6: Kizkalesi - Alanya
From Kizkalesi you ride via a beautiful route along the coast to Alanya.  At one square sees you the uitlopers of the
Taurus mountains at the other square the crystal clear water from the Mediterranean Sea.  On the way you can the caves from the Heaven and the Piercingly' (cennet ve cehennem) visit.  The castle in Anamur is certainly a visit worth.  Via the winding, you reach the seaside resort Alanya.  From the stronghold on the peninsula, you have a beautiful view over the whole city.  The overnight takes place in Alanya. 

Day 7: Alanya - Antalya
On away to Antalya can you a visit bring at the waterfalls of Manavgat the amphitheather of Side and the antique cities Perge and Aspendos.  You bring the night through in Antalya. 

Day 8:
ou furnishes your rental car in and remain yet a week in one of our accommodations at the south coast or you rides to the airport of Antalya which you your rental car hand in and flies back to the Netherlands or Belgium

On the airport of Antalya, you receive your car papers, a card of Turkey and the chosen route description.